Monday, October 29, 2012

Sugar Skulls and Party Info!

Dia de los Muertos is the day we honor our loved ones that have passed and whose spirits still live on in our hearts. As we prepare our ofrenda, our alter, we wanted to leave something sweet for them. Kami, from the Tinkering School, came over and brought sugar skulls and icing for us to decorate. It was so great to see all the beautiful bright colors on the white sugar. They all came out spectacular! 
Thanks Kami! We had a great time. 




Join us for our Halloween Party and Parade this Wednesday, the 31st!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bike Party and Canoe Trip

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!

Getting around town using our own power is part of our curriculum here at the schoolhouse. So, last Sunday we met up at Mueller Park to get some riding practice. We started out by decorating our bikes with wheel cards and colored straws to put on our spokes. Then, we headed out for bike adventures. Bike adventures are where one person picks a destination in the park and we all ride there together. While we are all at different comfort levels on a bike, we stuck together and didn't let anyone get too far behind or ahead. Everyone was super encouraging and felt a little more experienced when the day was over. With more practice, we hope to make a field trip somewhere close, where we can bike and truly get a feel of all the beauty around us that we might have missed before.

Caitlin giving Rio a ride.
Nathan and Sy inspecting Sy's bike.
Amelia riding her decorated bike.
Laura and Amelia taking a short ride together.
Canoe Trip to the Island
Trip to Secret Island

Canoes built sturdy and strong
holding us afloat the water
Grey clouds hover attempting 
to release their heaviness

Putting pressure on the paddle to 
push the water behind us
Feeling the humid breeze against our skin 
leaving the surface sticky and wet

Finding treasures the earth has left us
various birds flapping their wondrous wings
creatures living, breathing in nature
lucky to have such beauty before our eyes

This invention has given us the gift of gliding over glass

At last! Reaching the secret island we walk again
stomping the dry earth beneath our feet
running to feel our muscles taking us to our next adventure.

Special thanks to Andrew Danziger of Hatch Workshop in East Austin for paddling with us and bringing his handcrafted canoe!
check out more canoe and bike pics!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gem and Mineral Show at Palmer

We've been waiting patiently all week to go to the Gem and Mineral Show and the day finally arrived. There are several of us who collect rocks and this was a fantastic opportunity to add to our collections. 

When we arrived, there were lots of people already enjoying the beautiful stones. We wandered the isles exploring ancient fossils and magnificent rocks. When we had questions, volunteers and vendors happily informed us with valuable information.There was a Wheel of Fortune, a rock dig, and necklace making center. No one left empty handed, that's for sure. Everyone got a bag full of cool rocks and we got a chance to share them after the show. 

For lunch, we had a nice picnic at Butler Park under the large Live Oak tree. We ate yummy tacos and fruit, then enjoyed the beautiful day playing and running in the park. At the end of our day we all pitched in making a fairy hut. 

Butler Park pictures
More Gem photos

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Puppet show and playground play

We met Progress School at Carver library for a fantastic puppet show called Grandmothers Story: A Tlinglet Tale put on by Literature LIVE! We had a great time! 


Awaiting the show

Despite some faces, we all really enjoyed the performance. 

After the show, we enjoyed time with the kids and teachers from Progress and played a few games and explored the area. 


Most importantly, there was lots of bonding going on today. Friendships and closeness were apparent and our lights were shining bright on this dreary day. 

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