Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Showcase for Animal and Art Units

To end our units, we had a special showcase for family and friends to display our hard work before the fall break. There were two groups. One group studied popular artists and their artwork, and the other studied animals, biomes, food webs, and had a focus animal. Caitlin and I are proud of all the hard work the students put in and everyone was excited about the showcase. Currently, we are working on stop motion animation with legos (we will be filming soon!) and planning a market day with other schools. Can't wait for our next showcase! 

Progress for Units. CHECK IT OUT!

Zilker Park Excursion

Our first day back at the schoolhouse, we took our weekly field trip to Zilker Park. The weather was refreshing for an outdoor adventure, nice and chilly. We were hoping the sun would come out and say hello, but we warmed up with lots of movement and big play. We traveled by bus and hopped on the #4 and took a transfer at Congress and 6th. Soon, everyone was playing, running, jumping on the playground by the train! Later, we took a hike to the big rock for lunch and sketched in our nature journals. 

It felt great to be back all together after fall break!

Zilker Park Trip

Friday, November 9, 2012

Visit to Rosedale with the Minor Mishap Band

It's Friday! We've been waiting patiently all week to take our field trip and Friday finally arrived. We planned a trip to visit Rosedale School and hear the Minor Mishap Marching Band put on a special performance. So this one was super exciting. 

Arrived at Rosedale
Visiting Rosedale School was a great opportunity to meet people with special needs and disabilities.  When we got to the school, we met with Elizabeth, the principal of Rosedale, who told us a little about the school and the kids who attend there. After a quick Q&A, we had the option to be in the parade. Yes! So we got behind the band and marched/danced with students, teachers, and each other while seeing so many smiling faces in the audience. It truly was a unique experience. 

Caitlin playing in the band
Listening to the music!

Everyone ended up in the cafeteria where the band played a few songs while more people danced around. If you haven't had the chance to see Minor Mishap Marching Band they are a must see. Great musicians and great people. 

Playing in the Cafeteria

 We had a great time! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Schoolhouse

For the past few weeks, we have been preparing for our upcoming Halloween party. Spiders were made out of pipe cleaner and poms, paper plates transformed into jack o lanterns, ghosts made from sheets, paper bats cut from black cardstock, and giant parade puppets filled the studio while spooky Halloween music played to set the mood. There was lots of costume talk and dreams of the most anticipated event, trick or treating. The day of, Sy and Caitlin made pumpkin muffins, roasted seeds, and pumpkin pie from scratch. Caitlin and I even planned a spooky menu of witch fingers, monster mouths, and hot dog mummies! After lunch we shared our scary stories that we had been working on for the past week and before we knew it, it was party time. We carved pumpkins, ate our pumpkin feast, played games, and marched around the neighborhood with the DMC band and a few folks from Minor Mishap. We definitely got the neighborhoods attention and people came out to see us parade by. I bet we were a sight to see! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!