Sunday, December 9, 2012

McKinney Falls State Park

Taking it all in

Here are some pictures from our recent field trip. Nature and outdoor time is a huge part of our curriculum, so we planned a hike and picnic at McKinney Falls. We identified native plants and trees while enjoying fresh air and sprinkles every now and then. We learned about the history of the land by inspecting the different rocks and trees. 

Mia next to Old Baldy, a 500 year old tree.
 We had some time to play games and climb trees, which a popular activity with everyone. Thank you to Lacey and Christian for coming along with us! 

Rock shelter
Top of Old Baldy


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Mckinney Falls State Park

Monday, December 3, 2012

Forts and Lego Animation

Jonas, Amelia, and Rio thinking of ideas for the fort

The weather has been amazing in the mornings, so it's no surprise that the outdoor forts have been a popular choice for self directed time. The kids have been creating wonderful ideas on what to do with it. We even had a picnic outside in the fort last Thursday! (Which was also pajama day.)
PJ day! 

Laura and Amelia working on their backdrop
Another popular activity has been lego stop motion animation. Almost all of the episode groups have checked off the checklist and have built the setting, created characters, outlined a storyboard, and have written a script. To enhance our skills we called in an expert, Johnny Villarreal, to bring technology equipment and knowledge to help us make our movie. Meet Johnny here!

Laura and Amelia's setting

Mia working on her setting

Johnny talking about the importance of timing during storyboarding

Renee and Emily's setting 

More movie and forts