Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wild Basin Hike

We took a hike along the trails of Wild Basin last week. What a great way to celebrate the new spring season and observe all the new green growth and blooms. 

What a great view!

We spotted tiny frogs.

Amelia and Rio

Fresh green growth

At the viewpoint

Jonas on the hike

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fort and Movie Premiere Showcase

Hooray! We finished up our fort unit and closed it out with a party with friends and family. We learned so much about the history of forts, fort building and structures, and even illustrated our own forts in different biomes around the world. 

One part of the fort was a dugout for spying and hunting. Sy is about 2 feet below the surface. 

The three leveled fort with a dumb waiter and dugout. 

A hula hoop game was created during the party. 
We had a campfire!

The game had multilevel challenges. 

Teo up in the trees

We had PIZZA! 

The showcase also was a very special night because we had our stop motion lego animation movie premiere. This project took us awhile to complete and it was great to see the final product.  Special thanks to Emily for being our editor and film expert. It turned out great! We have a copy at the schoolhouse so feel free to stop by and watch it. 

Getting ready for the viewing.

The moment we've all been waiting for.....

More fort pictures here!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Visiting the Natural Gardener

Special Edition By Renee. 

At the natural gardener we split up into teams to buy plants, three to each team. we were given a budget of $20 to each team to spend, and there were so many different kinds of plants to choose from that it was really hard to decide! We got 11 plants in total, and we just had fun! We met the two donkeys Kiko and Chico, climbed on the butterfly chair, swung on the swing and played on the giant guitar. It was fun to explore every corner and hard to leave after words.

Renee with Chico were adorable and friendly. 

Giant beautiful guitar
Choosing plants for our garden
Say Cheese!
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